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ETEA is dedicated to lifting the professional profile of private institution educators in B.C. Establishing best possible working conditions and raising teachers’ salaries commensurate to the work they do, in conformity with established Canadian teachers’ living standards, is our goal. Teachers’ working conditions are students’ learning conditions. The dignity and well-being of private school educators is the best guarantee for a quality BC private education sector.

Local 9 and Local 11 Rallies

Friday there will be rallies happening for Local 9 and 11, which have both been on strike since August 2. A 12:30pm teachers and friends will meet at VEC at 250 Smithe Street to show their support. Immediately following that, there will be rally for teachers at Hanson International Academy in front of the River market in New Westminster from 1:30-2:30. Come on out and show your support for teachers in the ESL and private post-secondary industry. They are fighting for us all! For more details see their Facebook event pages:
Rally for ETEA Local 9
Rally for ETEA Local 11

Local 11 On Strike

Local 11, Hanson International Academy, has had 3 successful days of picketing, garnishing a wealth of support from locals and contacts in and around New Westminster. Teachers are firm in their resolve to do what it takes to achieve a first Collective Agreement. Hanson International Academy has cancelled the rest of their semester. For more details, check out their Facebook page and Twitter feed.

ETEA Locals’ Bargaining Updates

This year has been an active year in regards to ETEA bargaining. We’ve had up to six locals bargaining (Locals 2, 6, 7, 9, 11, and 12) so far this year, with three of them working on achieving their first collective agreement. Two locals (Locals 6 and 7) have ratified collective agreements. Many thanks to the bargaining teams, local executives and FPSE staff representatives for helping us through this busy time.

Four locals choose to take strike votes this year in an effort to reach an agreement with their employers. Locals 9 (VEC) and Local 11 (Hanson International), each voted 100 % in favour of job action. Both these locals are attempting to reach their first collective agreement with difficult employers.  In the near future, we may be calling upon ETEA members to show solidarity and support should these locals need to commence job action in order to reach an agreement.

Local 7 ratified their agreement on May 1st. The biggest gain from their new collective agreement is an increase in guaranteed prep time (equivalent to a 4.9% salary increase for full-time employees).

Local 6’s (KGIC) collective agreement expired in February of 2015. In an effort to get the employer back to the bargaining table, the teachers of KGIC voted 95 % in favour of job action. This resulted in the employer agreeing to return to the table, and after some long evening sessions of bargaining the two sides reached an agreement. KGIC teachers recently voted to ratify their collective agreement which, amongst other gains, brings improvements to the pay structure of coordinators and bumping rights.

Local 2 (EC) has been in bargaining for seven months and recently voted 97.5 % in favour of job action. They have further bargaining dates scheduled for August, and are hopeful that the employer will present a package they can work with. However, the teachers are firm in their expectations for bargaining and may be considering their options should they reach an impasse.

Finally, Local 12 (Cloud 9 college, formerly ILI) is set to resume their bargaining. At this point they are working on scheduling bargaining dates in hopes of reaching a first collective agreement.