Local 7 – inlingua Vancouver

inlingua Vancouver is part of the global inlingua brand but is independently owned and operated. Our approximately 25 full-time teachers are split between two campuses in downtown Vancouver, which offer general ESL, business, academic test preparation, and university pathway courses.

Before joining ETEA, many inlingua teachers felt that long-standing issues of fairness and management accountability needed to be addressed, and that a set pay scale, grievance procedure and mutually-agreed upon responsibilities would serve the interests of both teachers and the business. We decided to join ETEA after hearing about the positive experiences teachers had at other schools in Vancouver when they become unionized. In July 2012 we overwhelmingly voted in favour of joining ETEA, becoming Local 7. We bargained with management over the succeeding months and ratified our first Collective Agreement just before Christmas, which took effect on January 1st, 2013.

The 3-year agreement resulted in some teachers receiving significant pay increases and all teachers receiving more paid preparation time, sick leave and vacation; an increase in company contribution toward extended health benefits; and the promise of effective seniority and job security. Since then we have elected an annual executive council and shop stewards representing both campuses every year; created a joint labour-management committee and a joint health and safety committee; and negotiated a second Collective Agreement, which came into effect in June 2016, retroactive to January 2016. It will expire in July 2017.

This second agreement saw a dramatic increase in preparation pay for teachers and an annual cost of living increase which took effect in January 2017. Negotiations for a third Collective Agreement are about to begin.

Our executive positions and stewards are:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Member-at-Large (when needed, if both campuses aren’t represented among the other three positions)
  • Shop steward, Gastown campus
  • Shop steward, Granville campus

Latest Collective Agreement