Local 8 – Pan Pacific Career College

Pan Pacific Career College was formed when two schools organized around the same time and were subsequently merged by their common ownership.  Western Town Business College was certified in March 2013 as the result of changing working conditions that affected teachers at both WTBC and Western Town College (later called Cornerstone College). The five teachers at WTBC voted unanimously to join ETEA at that time.

Pan Pacific College was certified in April 2013 due to changing work conditions  at that school. The teachers took a strong united stand and voted overwhelming to join ETEA.

WTBC and PPC began bargaining their first collective agreements in 2014. They were merged by company ownership to form Pan Pacific Career College at the end of 2014. This resulted in the then six teachers merging into one local.

Regrettably, the company decided to close Pan Pacific Career College on April 3, 2015. ETEA and Pan Pacific Career College agreed on a settlement package for teachers affected by the closure. No collective agreement was reached.

Currently ETEA Local 8 is unassigned.