ETEA is an association of independent private sector teachers’ locals that operate autonomously within a framework of support and emerging professional standards.  If you are a teacher at a private sector school and you call us for help organizing your school we will offer our experience and expertise. Once certified you will become an ETEA member in your own ETEA local.

You will have access to a wide variety of vital resources. For example, after certification you will need to negotiate a contract and resolve any outstanding conflicts with your employer. ETEA will help you get your first contract and resolve any issues along the way. If you haven’t done so yet, you will need to elect your executive and administer your collective agreement.

The first year is the most challenging because although the school is bound by the articles in your Collective Agreement, management will still have a tendency to do things its way. Any time managers don’t follow the contract you will need to file a grievance. It will seem awkward at first, but the power you will have will be very different from what you had before, and you will get used to it. It will become your new professional identity. We will be with you every step of the way as you learn how to advocate for the specific needs that best serve the members of your local.

ETEA has a central executive that oversees the needs of its member locals. Member locals operate independently but are connected through shared committees, an Annual General Meeting, and through its executive, called Central Council.  ETEA itself is Local 21 in a larger support association called FPSE.

Note: Local 4 (Bodwell Language School) closed in 2009. ETEA has retired the number. Local 5 (New York Institute of Technology(NYIT)) currently has no Collective Agreement. Local numbers 8 (formerly Western Town Business College (WTBC) and Pan Pacific College (PPC), later combined as Pan Pacific Career College (PPCC)); and 9 (formerly Vancouver English Centre (VEC)) are currently unassigned by the union. Local 12 (Cloud Nine College) is currently negotiating its first Collective Agreement (as of November 2016).

Collective Agreements

Local 1 – International Language Schools of Canada (ILSC)

Local 2 – EC English Language Centres, Vancouver (EC)

Local 3 – Kaplan

Local 6 – King George International College (KGIC)

Local 7 – inlingua Vancouver

Local 10 – PGIC Vancouver

Local 11 – Hanson International Academy

Local 12 – Cloud Nine College