Open the Doors

Do you believe that post-secondary education should be affordable for students? This is the question posed by ETEA and by the Open the Doors campaign spearheaded by the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators. ETEA has had a long history of advocating for teachers and students, not only in the private teaching industry, but in the public sector as well.

ETEA became involved with the Open the Doors campaign in 2015 by getting members to sign Open the Doors pledge cards. Then, in March 2017, ETEA kicked off its own Open the Doors project. Through March and April 2017 members of ETEA will be continuing the pledge card signing drive at various locations around Vancouver.

The second part of our project is doing video interviews with people in Metro Vancouver about the value of their post-secondary education in BC, and in some cases, about how its high cost was a burden on them or their families. We are also making podcasts exploring related issues of education here in BC, the Open the Doors campaign, and the fine work people have been doing to try to restore funding to post-secondary education.