Local 11 – Hanson International Academy

Teachers from Hanson International Academy, a career college in New Westminster, approached ETEA in July 2015 about joining. Workload and prep time were important issues for Hanson teachers. On July 20, 2015 teachers at Hanson voted overwhelmingly to join ETEA and became Local 11.

Teachers at Local  11 negotiated for over 1 year in an attempt to reach an agreement. However, in August 2016, after failing to make progress on some of their key issues, Local 11 teachers went on strike. After 4 weeks of picketing. the teachers and the employer entered mediation and reached an agreement. Teachers at Local 11 ratified their first Collective Agreement on Labour Day, September 5, 2016. Teachers were able to make significant improvements in their working conditions, especially in the areas of prep time and bonuses for large classes.

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