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ETEA Welcomes its Newest Local

We are proud to announce that the teachers at Hanson International Academy voted overwhelmingly to join the ETEA. On July 20, 2015 the Labour Board granted the certification making the instructors at Hanson Academy ETEA local 11. Hanson Academy is a career college offering business and hospitality and tourism programs. The instructors at Hanson ran a highly efficient organizing drive that garnered nearly unanimous support. We look forward to working with this motivated group and wish them success in negotiating their first collective agreement.

Welcome to the ETEA Homepage

ETEA is a union representing 300 private sector teachers in Metro Vancouver and Victoria. We have been representing ESL teachers since 1995. Through our organizing and collective bargaining work, we are establishing the best possible working conditions and salaries for our teachers. We believe that teachers’ working conditions are students’ learning conditions.