Local 2 – EC English Language Centres

In 2007, as teachers at EC (Formerly LSC), we were struggling under an abusive manager at the local level. A letter to the national office putting forth our concerns and asking for dialogue was crafted. The lack of response from the national office was telling, however, and our feelings of impotence were magnified due to our aforementioned local manager. The fear about job security was palpable, and two people were unfairly dismissed. One of them was the architect of the letter, and the other had been vocal against the escalating harassment by management. For these reasons, our group made contact with representatives from FPSE, and they put us in touch with ETEA. With their guidance, we made a request for certification. The vote proceeded and we unionized with a strong majority of the members choosing to certify. Our first collective agreement was ratified in 2008 with 100% of the teachers in favour.

Since unionization there has been accountability for management decisions, dialogue has been opened, and resolutions found around contentious issues; there is also confidence in the processes for resolution and there is a sense of safety in job security and seniority benefits.

EC is currently operating under its 4th Collective Agreement.

Executive Positions

  • President
  • Vice-President
  • Treasurer

Latest Collective Agreement