Podcast One: Graeme and Dan from ETEA discuss the problem of underfunded post-secondary education in BC, and what they are doing to raise awareness of this important  election issue. They review some of ETEA’s current and previous campaigns aimed at restoring funding to public universities and colleges.

Podcast Two: Dan talks about  the different paths people take to the ESL industry, and the barriers to reaching career goals presented by the high costs of post-secondary education with teachers from KGIC (ETEA Local 6) in this roundtable discussion.

Podcast Three: Dan and Graeme interview Kevin Drager and Michael Wicks, present and past presidents of the ETEA, about the benefits having a union brings to teachers, and why they are committed to the “Open the Doors” campaign (song credit: “Laser Groove,” by Kevin MacLeod, incompetech.com).

Podcast Four: Graeme interviews Norman and Nicole from FPSE about the successes of the “Open the Doors” campaign so far, and their hopes for the ultimate results of the project in BC (song credit: “Laser Groove,” by Kevin MacLeod, incompetech.com).

Podcast Five: Graeme and Dan interview Parker, who works in clinic counselling and is doing his Master’s degree in that field. Parker shares  his unique educational and work experience that led to his choice of pursuing clinical counselling as a career (song credit: “Laser Groove,” by Kevin MacLeod, incompetech.com).